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Finding the Good in Grief ~ Review

Posted by bloomingwithbooks on August 2, 2013 at 6:00 PM




Finding the Good in Grief

By John F. Baggett

Rediscovering joy after a life-changing loss...

Why did this happen to me?  Have you ever experienced a loss so great that you thought you'd never recover from it?  And have you asked why me?

In this book John Baggett attempts to help you deal with and overcome your grief and to find the good in it.  Loss is a normal part of life and thinking that we are exempt because we are good people or because we have a relationship with God is unrealistic. 

How we deal with our loss is what is important.  Do we allow grief to control our life or do we use it to grow?  Grief is a journey and John looks at it in the context of faith and the spiritual struggles we now face. 

There are 11 chapters that each have a personal story dealing with various stages/reactions of and to grief. At the end of each there are questions to help you the reader to work through your grief.  John also shares his personal experience with grief so you know he isn't just giving you textbook answers to what you are going through.  He himself dealt with the these feelings of loss, he knows pain and grief.

What I liked best in The Good in Grief is what one man related in his story of loss, that in the midst of pain and loss he and his wife made a point of finding their happy moment each day.  If we can find something that brings us happiness each day we can get through our grief and find healing.

Grief is our time of change, it cocoons us so that we can come through it renewed and strengthened if we will allow God to help us and accept the support others offer us.

Keep a copy of this book on hand to share with anyone you know who has experienced a loss.  This would also be an excellent addition to your church library so that you can reach out to those who are grieving.

I was provided a copy of this book by Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.

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