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The Shapeshifter's Secret



The Shapeshifter's Secret

By Heather Ostler

Julia is finally discovering WHAT – not who – SHE IS...

Caleb Glyndor is the talk of all the girls, but to Julia he is a mystery. Somehow he is familiar to her, but she's not exactly how.

Julia's father Lancer Levesque insists on taking her to and from school every day and he doesn’t want Julia out at night.

One day Julia comes home from school to find bars across her bedroom window.  She gets angrier at her father than she has ever been and she feels a growl come out of her. When her anger subsides she and her father just stare at each other. Julia knows something strange just happened to her though she has no idea what.  Julia suspects Caleb of telling her father that she was planning to sneak out and go to Sierra’s house.  Caleb denied it.

Julia begins having trouble controlling her anger. After an outburst at school her father, Liam, and Caleb speak to her about the secrets that have been hidden from her. She is from Ossai and she is being hunted.  But before the whole truth comes out the Guild attacks her home and Caleb and Julia escape from the house while Liam and Lancer give them time to escape. But during their escape through the portal that will take them from this world to Ossai Caleb and Julia are injured.

For her protection Julia is being sent to Lockham Castle and here she might learn to control her new emerging abilities. When she arrives her father e the reason that she is in danger and why she was raised outside Ossai. Her mother was and is her greatest enemy!

When Julia meets Terrence Daniels she is drawn to him and he seems attracted to her too. When Terrence visits Lockham Castle as part of his duties he gives Julia tips on transforming. But the next day Mr. Knightly informs Julia that he saw her out walking with Terrence and he's reported it to the head of security – Mr. Azure. To her relief, Mr. Azure tells her he won't report her friendship with Terrence to her father and he tells her to just make sure that the teachers don't see her if goes for a walk with Terrence in the future.

When Julia finds an old yearbook she sees a picture of her mother Alexis Blythe, she is surprised at how much she looks like her mother. Julia tells Sierra about it and promises to show her the pictures. But the next day the yearbook is gone and all records of its existence have been removed. But the S she saw carved into the wall of one of the pictures becomes an obsession for Julia, she has to see the S that her mother stood by. So one night after curfew Julia decided to sneak down to the ballroom and crawl in through a broken window. But during her search Julia was injured. When she finds the S Julia touches it and stains it with her blood. Suddenly the ballroom is filled with a shriek and Julia makes her escape, but as she leaves she sees a dark hooded figure standing in the ballroom.

But Julia is being threatened. But who is trying to kill her and is the threat closer than anyone suspects?

Everything comes to a head at the annual masquerade ball. When Julia meets her mother their reunion is unlike anything she had hoped for!  

I received a Digital copy of this title for the purpose of this review. 

 Read my interview with Heather here


Caller ID

Caller IDCaller ID by Rachelle J. Christensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Rachelle J. Christensen

23 year old Courtney Beckham loves to run and usually does so in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Courtney's life is full with college and working for her dad. But as full as her life is she just can't find the right guy, all the guys she dates don't want to get to know her and are only after action.
With her parents planning to take a long week–end, Courtney makes plans for her own week–end now that she has broken up with Sean. Courtney accepts an invitation to go boating with Corbin Whittier on Saturday. But when Courtney decides to go horseback riding before her date, her life takes an unexpected turn.

When a ransom demand of $10,000,000 comes in with a picture of Courtney in her abused and battered condition the FBI is called in and agents Jason Edwards and Pierson are assigned the case. As they investigate something feels off to Jason and he worries that Courtney's kidnapping may be more complex than they realized.

When Courtney overhears a phone conversation and recognizes the caller id she is shocked at the betrayal. Courtney makes her escape attempt and to elude her captors she hides in the underbrush for the night.

As the FBI tries to put together a case against Courtney's kidnappers, they can't find any hard evidence or even the men who grabbed her. Can Jason and Courtney survive long enough to finger the kidnappers or will their fate remain unknown? But what seemed certain is in doubt and who is the true criminal?

Caller ID is an exciting thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and in suspense until the very end. With a touch of romance thrown in for good measure! Caller ID is also a story of self–discovery as Courtney comes to terms of who she really is and why she is the way she is – a book of second chances!

I received a Digital ARC of this title from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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 Read my interview with Rachelle here. 

Eye of the Sword

Eye Of The Sword: A NovelEye Of The Sword: A Novel by Karyn Henley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Angelaeon Circle Book 2
By Karyn Henley

Though Trevin is about to be named comain of Camrithia his past haunts him and makes him feel unworthy of any notice. The night before being named comain by King Laetham, the king gives him an assignment – to discover the fate of the King's missing comains, seek wisdom from the Oracle at Windsweep, and extend an offer of alliance to the Eldarrans. But to complete these tasks he must leave Melia behind with a possible betrothal to Varic, Prince of the Dregmoors. Melia asks Trevin to search for the missing Kyparis Harps.

Along the way to the Oracle at Windsweep Trevin comes upon a group of Eldarrans with Prince Resarian. When Trevin meets the Oracle, he tells the Oracle of the tasks he is to complete and asks how he may find what he seeks. But the Oracle instead asks Trevin what he himself seeks. When Trevin looks within himself he tells the Oracle that he seeks himself.

But when Trevin is accused of a crime against the thrones of Eldarra and Camrithia, can he survive long enough to complete his tasks?

As Trevin's danger increases can he discover the truth about himself that he seeks and restore what has been lost due to the treachery of Prince Varic and Lord Rejius. Can Trevin pass the trial by the eye of the sword or will his past doom him forever?

Eye of the Sword is an exciting addition to the Angelaeon Circle. In a world where good and evil are trapped together can that which was destroyed be restored before the world is lost to the gash plague that is slowly spreading across it?

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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The Merchant's Daughter


The Merchant's DaughterThe Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars 


By Melanie Dickson

Annabel Chapman’s life is about to change. For the last three years since her father’s death the Chapman family has refused to do the work required by the lord of the land and has been unable to pay the censum for their failure to work. The new lord, Lord le Wyse has just arrived in Glynval and a hallmote has been called to determine her family’s fate.

When a fine of 20 shillings is named Roberta Chapman is unable to pay such a sum, so she is given a choice. One of her three children must become a servant in Lord le Wyse’s household for three years or the family must forfeit their home and property.

Annabel’s two older brothers refuse to work as servants and instead wish to force Annabel to marry Glynval’s Bailiff, Tom atte Water so that the family will be freed of their obligations. When Annabel refuses to marry Bailiff Tom she incurs the wrath of the bailiff and her oldest brother Edward. Annabel determines that she will be the one to work as Lord Ranulf le Wyse’s indentured servant as this will keep her mother in her home and protect her from the bailiff.

When Annabel presents herself to Lord le Wyse as his new servant he is displeased that Annabel the youngest is who is to shoulder the family’s debt. Bailiff Tom is angry and tells Lord le Wyse that Annabel was to be his wife because Edward had promised her to him in exchange for paying Annabel’s debt. When questioned by Lord le Wyse, Annabel declares that she has no intention of marrying the bailiff and intends to work off the debt owed. Lord le Wyse tells Bailiff Tom he should consider himself lucky!

Annabel is assigned duties in the kitchen where she becomes Mistress Eustacia’s most trusted servant. As Annabel works in the manor house she learns that Lord le Wyse was scared and disfigured when he saved a servant girl from a wolf attack. Because of his disfigurement his wife scorned him and unfaithful before her death.

But when Lord le Wyse asks if any of his servants can read only Annabel admits to having the skill. When questioned further she admits to being able to read Latin. Because of her skill Annabel is granted her heart’s desire to read the Holy Writ – the Bible!

As Annabel and Lord le Wyse spend time together as she reads to him each night, Annabel comes to realize that her lord is not as ill tempered as she was first lead to believe. As they study read together Annabel questions Lord le Wyse about doctorine and passages in the Bible that she has questions about. Annabel's questions and comments remind Ranulf of just how unsuited Annabel's upbringing was for her current position in his household.

One night a fire breaks out in the barn. The laborers who are sleeping in there manage to escape, but the oat and barley harvest is lost. While rescuing the sheep from barn Lord le Wyse is injured. Mistress Eustacia has Annabel care for Lord le Wyse's burned arm as she has knowledge in caring for burns. The King's Coroner has been sent for to determine the cause of the fire.

The night before the King's Coroner arrives in Glynval Annabel is attacked by Bailiff Tom. As he drags her deeper into the woods, Annabel fights him and gets away but trips. As Bailiff Tom comes for her Stephen comes to her aid. He throws a rock to scare the Bailiff off but it hits him in the head. Stephen fears that he has killed the Bailiff and swears Annabel to secrecy about what happened that night. But as Annabel tries to sneak into the manor house Lord le Wyse calls out to her. Lord le Wyse found the unconscious Bailiff in the woods and questions Annabel as to what she saw and what happened. Lord le Wyse promises Annabel that he will do what he can to protect her as the King's Bailiff will have to be told about Bailiff Tom and his injury.

As Lord le Wyse tries to shield Annabel as much as possible, suspicion is cast on him by the superstitious villagers who believe their new lord is cursed. As the danger Ranulf and Annabel face brings them closer, they both begin to question themselves and what they are feel and want. When Ranulf determines to remove Annabel from harm's way, he plans to send her to his aunt's monastery so Annabel can become a nun.

But when Annabel learns of a threat to Lord le Wyse's life she is determined to save him. But with angry armed villagers convinced that Lord le Wyse's death will free them of the curse can Annabel save the man she has come to love or will she die with him?

The Merchant's Daughter is set in Medieval England and is a beautifully written re-telling of Beauty and the Beast with a Christian thread running throughout it.

I received this book through the Z Street Team program for review purposes. A favorable review was not required.



Replication: The Jason ExperimentReplication: The Jason Experiment by Jill Williamson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Jill Williamson

What would be your greatest wish if you knew your life would end in 25 days? For Martyr his wish is to see the sky. Martyr lives on Jason Farms and he is about to fulfill his life's purpose, he will extend the life of those who live on the surface in the toxic air. Martyr's official designation is J:3:3 and he is quickly approaching his experation date – his 18th birthday.

Dr. Goyer, Jason Farms' newest scientist, has just moved to Fishhook, Alaska with his daughter Abby. As Dr. Goyer settles into his new job, Abby has to adjust to life as the newest junior at Fishhook High School.

At school Abby has attracted the unwanted attention of Fishhok heartthrobe J.D. Kane, but Abby is determined to focus on school and not J.D. But J.D. is persistent and Abby's partner in a science project. Abby befriends Kylee who asks for her help with Calculus and Abby is more than happy to comply. When J.D. shows up at Abby's house to work on their project she asks Kylee to come over to study so that Kylee will be protection against J.D. But when Dr. Goyer gets home he makes J.D. and Kylee leave as he doesn't want Abby have friends over when she is unchaperoned!

Abby is embarassed and angry so she storms upstairs to her room and hiding in the corner is J.D.! But when she gets a call from J.D. asking her to bring his forgotten school books out to him she is mystified. How did J.D. manage this and why does the J.D. in her room have a shaved head? When Abby questions this new J.D. he tells her his name is Martyr and he hide in her father's truck all the way from Jason Farms. When Abby hears this she is determined to find out what her father is involved in and the truth about this J.D. look-alike. Abby hides Martyr whom she calls Marty in her room so that her father doesn't discover him.

But when Jason Farms discovers Martyr's disappearance most of the staff is sent home early and Dr. Goyer discovers Martyr hiding in his house. When Abby arrives home from school minutes later she confronts her father about his work at Jason Farms. Abby convinces her father to give her time to help Marty and the other 50 plus clones, though he thinks it will be useless. Dr. Goyer then removes Martyr's tracking device and shock restraint. Abby then takes Marty to Kylee's brother – Pastor Scott.

Pastor Scott doesn't believe Abby that Martyr is not J.D. Kane but he agrees that Martyr can spend the night. Martyr then asks Pastor Scott questions about God, questions that Abby couldn't adequently answer for him. Pastor Scott then gives him a Bible to read. As Martyr reads through the night he decides that Abby is the embodiment of love as described in First Corinthians 13:4 – 8.

The next afternoon Pastor Scott takes Martyr to Fishhook High to see if there really is a second J.D. Kane. He parks next to J.D.'s car and when J.D. sees him he attacks Martyr. Abby tells J.D. that his father is making clones and that J.D. himself is most likely a clone!

Abby has Pastor Scott take her and Marty back to her house. But as she waits for her father someone comes to her house and this someone is determined to get Marty! As guards from Jason Farms break into her home she and Marty escape into the woods behind her home and Kylee comes pick them up. As they try to decide what to do, Abby tells Kylee about Marty and that he is someones experiment and that he is going to be killed if he goes back. Kylee agrees to help Abby and Marty prove the existance of Jason Farms and the illegal practices going on there. But as the threesome get closer to finding the evidence they need Abby and Marty are taken into custody by the Fishhook police force. Dr. Kane reported that his son was a runaway who was off his medication. The police turned Marty over to Dr. Kane thinking he was J.D. No one would listen or believe Abby that Marty was a clone and he was about to be killed for his organs!

When the police let Abby go she heads towards Kylee's house as she still can't get in touch with her dad, but someone runs her off the road. Security guards from Jason Farms have captured her and are taking her to the Farm! When Abby is taken into the underground facility she see that both her father and Marty are in Dr Goyer's office with Dr Kane. Dr Kane is preparing to shut down Jason Farms due to Abby's meddling. As insurance to keep Dr. Goyer in line Dr. Kane has a sample of Abby's blood taken for possible cloning and experimentation!
But Dr. Goyer and Martyr have a plan to escape the facility and to destroy Dr. Kane's research. But will their plan work and how will they save all the Jasons and Abby before it is too late? And what of the other facilities under Dr. Kane's leadership?

Replication is a true lesson in sacrifical love and turning the other cheek. What is more important to Christ knowing Him or living as He lived? Replication also makes us ask ourselves are there lines that medicine and science should never cross and who should determine these boundaries? What gives a life its worth and how do we define life? Replication is a thought provoking book that makes us question the world we live in and the idea of life at all costs!

I received this book as an Advanced Reviewer Copy for review purposes in Digital Format from the publisher. A favorable review was not required.

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First Date

First DateFirst Date by Krista McGee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Krista McGee

When 17 year old Addy Davidson is picked by her principal to represent her school in the new reality show The Book of Love Addy is anything but thrilled. Addy has avoided the spotlight and has instead focused on her school work and getting into college. But everyone thinks this is a great chance for Addy. Principal Lawrence feels Addy would bring attention to their struggling school. Uncle Mike feels that Addy would be a light for Christ just as her parents were. Addy's BFF Lexi thinks any chance to appear on TV is fantastic and with the chance to possibly date Jonathon Jackson, Addy would be a fool to turn it down.

But Addy is determined to get off the show as quickly as possible and with 99 other girls trying to stay on it should be no problem. But Addy's attempts to get kicked off back-fire and make her America's Overnight Sweetheart! Unlike the other girls Addy doesn't try to be something she’s not.

As the show progresses Addy becomes friends with Kara McKormick, one of the other contestants; Eric, one of the assistant directors; and even Jonathon Jackson the President's son! But no matter what Addy tries the other girls and the show's host Hank Banner are openly hostile towards Addy when the camera is not rolling.

Can Addy find the strength to depend on God and share her faith or will The Book of Love becomes Addy's Book of Missed Opportunity?

First Date is a modern retelling of the book of Esther. When a threat against President Jackson is uncovered a Mordecai / Haman situation arises. First Date is an interesting story that shows God will take us out of our comfort zone so that we may be used by Him for a greater good!

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

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The Girl of Fire and Thorns

The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Fire and Thorns, #1)The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Rae Carson

Elisa is the Chosen One, the one born with the Godstone. But being the Chosen One is both a blessing and a curse.
Elisa's very life is in danger though she is not aware of it. Her life has been a sheltered one and one of study. She is well versed in the tactics of war though she has never fought one. But what would give her the greatest understanding of her true self has been denied her because she is the Chosen One.

As the younger princess of Orovalle Elisa is part of an alliance treaty with Joya. She is to wed King Alejandro of Joya on her sixteenth birthday. This treaty will remove Elisa from the danger that surrounds her in Orovalle and give Joya the promise of troops if war should come.

But worse danger confronts Elisa in Joya. King Alejandro does not acknowledge her as his wife and as queen, but rather as a special envoy from Orovalle. Elisa keeps the secret of her Godstone, but when it is discovered she is kidnapped from the castle and forced across the desert in attempt to thrust her destiny upon her.

What the Kingdoms of Joya and Orovalle don't realize is that the war with Invierne never ended and the outlying territories have been under attack. Elisa's destiny finds her as she helps the rebels fight the forces that would destroy them while at the same time saving the people of both Kingdoms. The Godstone that Elisa possesses is the key to the power that will stop Invieme, but can she unlock the power in time or will all perish in the fight for survival?

The Girl of Fire and Thorns is a riveting and spell binding book and I hope that there will be more books to follow!

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Glow (Sky Chasers, #1)Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


By Amy Kathleen Ryan

When you are the hope for humanity how does that affect you? Launched more than 40 years ago the crews aboard the New Horizon and the Empyrean are human-kinds hope for survival. Half way through their journey to New Earth the ships come together for the first time in their voyage.

Kieran the Empyrean's first born is 16 years old and the assumed successor to the captain. Waverly at 15 is the first born daughter of the Empyrean and it is assumed that she and Kieran are destined to marry.

But what if, in an instant, your world, as you know, it is changed? The Empyrean is attacked by her sister ship the New Horizon. The attack was unexpected and in a attempt to stop the crew of the New Horizon many of the adults on board are killed as all of the girls are stolen away!

What follows is a desperate struggle to survive. The few adults and the boys onboard the Empyrean are in a fight to save themselves and their ship from radiation. But how far will they go to save themselves and to secure ultimate control of their lives?

On the New Horizon, Waverly and the other teen girls find out that they are the only hope for the crew to have children. As they fight to keep their identity and to return home they are fighting an enemy who manipulates those around her. Who is telling the truth and who will survive?

But who is the real victim in the years of lies perpetrated onboard both ships? Don't miss this exciting new series that begins with GLOW – September 2011. Get in the virtual line and don't be left behind!

Advanced Reader Edition provided by the publisher St. MArtin's Griffith.

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Black, White, Other:In Search of Nina Armstrong

Black, White, Other: In Search of Nina ArmstrongBlack, White, Other: In Search of Nina Armstrong by Joan Steinau Lester
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In Search of Nina Armstrong
By Joan Steinau Lester

Fifteen year old Nina Armstrong's world is all topsy turvy. Her parents are no longer together. She lives with her mother who's white and her brother Jimi lives with their father who's black. Suddenly Nina's friends are trying to make her choose who she'll be friends with. Will she choose black or will she choose white? Who will she identify with? Or will she do as Saundra told her and embrace her otherness and live with everyone?

As Nina discovers her great-great grandmother Sarah Armstrong, through her father's research, will she discover herself as well? At 15 Sarah, whose own family was shattered by slavery, makes an escape to freedom, will she help Nina break the bonds of fear.

Black, White, Other is an engaging read that would be beneficial to most teens. As Nina learns the truth about herself she takes readers on a journey of self-discovery. Are you only the skin you are born in? Or is your true self hidden beneath waiting from you to discover it?

At the end of Black, White, Other there are discussion questions, a follow-up actions section, a glossary of terms, and a list of sources. As Nina's mother said race is ''not real'' we are all one race, the human race!

Advanced Reader Copy provided by Z Street Team reviews

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Children of the Bard:Song of the Ovulum

Song Of The Ovulum (Children Of The Bard, #1)Song Of The Ovulum by Bryan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Children of the Bard Book 1
By Bryan Davis

Song of the Ovulum is the first book in a new series (Children of the Bard) by Bryan Davis. Though this is a new series it builds on two previous series Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire. If you have not read the previous two series, read the recap at the end of this book so you will have a basic understanding of preceding events and characters.

Song of the Ovulum covers two timelines. The first is Joran and Selah's story. Their story picks up the day before the Great Flood that will destroy everyone and everything not aboard Noah's Ark.

The second story is Matt and Lauren's, who are two 16 year olds with unique abilities. Matt can sense danger and avert disaster before it happens, he also never gets cold. Lauren can hear voices that no one else can hear as they are so quiet (whispers or talking to one's self). Lauren also glows in the dark. What happens when events bring these two together? Are the rumors true? Are Lauren and Matt anthrozils and have their true identities been hidden from them?

Take a journey through time and other dimensions and learn a lesson in mercy and forgiveness while demons, dragons and humanity battle for Heaven and Earth. Who will be victorious? An exciting page turner you won't want to put down.

Discover the Song of the Ovulum along with Joran, Selah, Matt and Lauren.

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Sketchy Behavior

Sketchy BehaviorSketchy Behavior by Erynn Mangum
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sketchy Behavior
By Erynn Mangum

Kate Carter is just an ordinary, unnoticed 16 year old girl until her art class assignment captures a serial killer. With notoriety thrust upon her, Kate is now in the spotlight - exactly where she doesn't want to be.
With the police watching her every step and news crews camped out in her front yard Kate is a national celebrity.

But soon she's the target of the now jailed serial killer's friends. With nightmares keeping her awake, fear dogging her every step, will Kate discover what comes after death before the next bullet finds its mark?

Sketchy Behavior is an intense book that realistically portrays high school life for someone who likes to remain in the background. With twists you're not expecting Sketchy Behavior holds your interest to the very end!

I for one hope South Woodhaven Falls will be the scene for more adventures. Fabulous work, Erynn!

Reviewer copy provided by Z Street Team.

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God's Story, Your Story Youth Edition

God's  Story, Your Story: Youth Edition (Story, The)God's Story, Your Story: Youth Edition by Max Lucado
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


When HIS Story Becomes Yours

By Max Lucado

Max Lucado asks ''what is the text (or story) of our lives?'' We cannot look inside of ourselves to discover who we are, we must look at ourselves through God's eyes to discover what we can be!

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when we join our story with God's. But we must pray for strength against Satan's attacks so we can complete our story.

The goal of every story is home, whether we are going home, improving home, or trying to keep home safe. This is much like the Christian life when we are striving for the perfect family and home, which can only be found with our Heavenly Father. To find the path we must listen for God's voice to lead us. God will never forsake us. Even if we make a wrong turn He will redeem our story through His on the cross. Because of the cross, the final chapter of our story - Death - becomes the introduction to our new life after death.

At the end of this book are review questions about each chapter to help the reader to grasp the principles put forth by Max. Each chapter has personal experience pieces by teens to expand on the points Max is making.

This is a well written book that teen readers should appreciate and learn from. This would be appropriate as a gift or as a study book for a youth group.

Read it and discover the plot behind your story!

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Be the Change (Revised Edition)

Be the Change, Revised and Expanded Edition: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the WorldBe the Change, Revised and Expanded Edition: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World by Zach Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Revised and Expanded Edition

By Zack Hunter

As you contemplate your coming teen years what do you imagine it being like? Proms. Cramming for exams. More homework. School committees. Hanging out and having FUN with your friends.

For Zack Hunter, his teen years have been very different. Zach is committed to abolishing modern day slavery. Think slavery ended with the Emancipation Proclamation - well you thought wrong! Slavery is a growing problem and it can be found world wide.

Join Zach as he takes you on a journey - a journey through time with the people who had a passion to be the change in their world. As you read Be The Change you will have time for reflective thought at the end of each chapter. By the end of Be the Change you better understand yourself and your passion!

Be The Change would be an excellent choice for a teen book group or a youth group who want a book with a deeper meaning. Written in a style that will appeal to teens!

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The Watcher Chronicles: The Prophecy 

The ProphecyThe Prophecy by Dawn Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Dawn Miller

Reality is merely an illusion ~ Albert Einstein

Something sinister was after them, something that only they could see. Something from their past. But the memory from childhood - 7 years earlier was buried- buried deep. Will they remember what has been forgotten in time to save themselves?

Jonah Becker's world has gone from bad to worse. His parents were murdered. His brother, Sam is dead. And now someone or something is out to kill him and his friends. Jonah and his friends are caught in the endless struggle between good and evil because they have a special gift - the gift of sight!

The first six chapters seem slow as the key characters are introduced, but the story quickly draws you in with each successive chapter. When THE PROPHECY ends you are left wanting more.

This book will appeal to young adult readers who want a book with a supernatural twist while still dealing with real life situations that teens face. Some of the issues that are dealt with include drugs, alcohol, teen parents, and gangs.

This is a "cannot put it down book," and perfect for a long weekend!

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On the Runway: Ciao

CiaoCiao by Melody Carlson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Melody Carlson

Reality is an illusion as Paige and Erin Forrester are about to discover.

Paige is basking in the limelight of her TV career in fashion - she hosts and stars in ON THE RUNWAY, travels the world, and is engaged to rising fashion designer Dylan Marceau. Can life get any better!

Meanwhile younger sister Erin, who also stars in ON THE RUNWAY, is worried about her friends. Mollie a new single mom is dealing with the choices she's made. Her maybe boyfriend Blake is caught up in his new reality show. Fran is fighting Leukemia. And Erin is always concerned for Paige and her relationship with Dylan. But through it all Erin leans on her faith in God and always Him to lead her and to give her strength to help those who are dear to her.

This book will appeal to teens and young adults who follow reality shows and the fashion industry. The behind the scenes look at the lives of people who ''live the life'' should give anyone pause who desires it. What you see on the camera is not real, but is in fact an elaborate illusion created by those behind and in front of the camera.

CIAO is a good read with a thoughtfully delivered message!

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Dragons of Starlight: Starlighter

Starlighter (Dragons Of Starlight, #1)Starlighter by Bryan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

by Bryan Davis

Jason Masters and Koren, two very different people from two very different worlds, are being drawn together. Jason is trapped in a plot that leads to murder and he is now running for his very life. Koren tries to help a friend but is captured by her dragon masters. As events draw these two together the danger increases.

Can Jason and Koren survive long enough to join forces and fulfill their individual destinies that the Creator has for them? Will the truth free two worlds?

Starlighter, the first book in the DRAGONS OF STARLIGHT series, is thrilling adventure involving dragons, swords, hidden gateways, and treachery. This series is appropriate for readers over 13 and is alterative to Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle series. Bryan Davis has created a ''can't put it down book'' that leaves you anticipating book 2.

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Dragons of Starlight: Warrior

Warrior (Dragons Of Starlight, #2)Warrior by Bryan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


By Bryan Davis

The black egg has and the blind dragon prince Taushin is ready to fulfill the prophecy. But Taushin needs Koren and her Starlighter abilities to the enable him to resurrect the fallen star Exodus. But can Koren believe anything that Taushin tells her?

Meanwhile Jason continues his journey into the Northlands and the realm of the White Dragon, where, according to Cassabrie, he will be tested. If Jason fails what will be the fate of the ''lost ones'' on Starlight and what will befall Koren?

Down to the south Elyssa and Wallace are determined to save their friends but instead find a mystery. The body of the previous Starlighter, Cassabrie, is preserved beneath the dragon's Zodiac and for some strange reason Elyssa is drawn to it. There is also a strange book that draws Elyssa into its story so that she can make it visible to Wallace.

On Major Four Randal and Tibalt have troubles of their own. They have been captured while trying to uncover the truth about Governor Prescott's murder and the location of Randall's mother.

Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Can these warriors discover it before everything is lost? What they chose will determine the fate of two worlds!

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Dragons of Starlight: Diviner

Diviner (Dragons Of Starlight, #3)Diviner by Bryan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By Bryan Davis

DIVINER picks up where WARRIOR left us. Koren has entered the castle of the White Dragon in search of Exodus. With her, she is carrying the stardrop she removed from Cassabrie's sanctum. When she finds the fallen star she enters through its wound and finds another Starlighter. Within Exodus resides an injured Starlighter called Brinella. But because of condition Koren's appearance Brinella rejects Koren as a Starlighter and instead accuses her of being a sorceress! After Brinella's rejection Koren goes in search of the White Dragon.

Jason and his father Edison have traveled into the dangers of the southern forests where they find Elyssa. When Edison is captured by a dragon Arxad's wife Fellina and his daughter Zenith agree to help Jason rescue his father. But instead Jason rescues a young slave he names Solace. Tibalt finds his way back to Starlight from Major Four and joins in the search for Jason.

Koren again seeks out Brinella and tells her story. Brinella convinced by Koren's words that she is indeed a Starlighter accepts her offer of help. Brinella prays to the Creator for release from Exodus and Koren is left to tend the fallen star. Using the stardrop, Koren seals Exodus's wound trapping herself within Exodus. As she raises the fallen star she joins Elyssa, Fellina, and Tilbalt in their search for Jason.

On Major Four Randall, Arxad, and Magnar are attempting to gather a human army. An army that will travel to Starlight to battle Taushin. As they work in stealth they discover that Marcelle is already at work gathering an army. When Randall and Arxad go through the Northland portal they bring Orion along as incentive for the soliders and they leave Magnar behind so as to not bring the curse down upon him.

When Jason and Edison are found they are badly injured so Fellina and Elyssa take them to the Northlands for healing, but with only one stardrop available Elyssa must make a choice. Will she swallow the stardrop risking her life so she can save both men or will she choice to use the stardrop to save just one? Elyssa decides to take the risk. While they are in the Northlands Petra is reunited with her body.

Koren tries to bring the slaves into rebellion against their dragon masters and escape to freedom on Major Four, but Taushin convinces the slaves that they don't want sudden freedom. They want it slowly, a little at a time, as he promises to give it to them. As Koren tries to reason with the ''lost ones'' the ancient spear that brought Exodus down all those years ago is used against Exodus again. Koren is injured but still she continues telling her Starlighter tales to the people. But when the spear is ripped out of Exodus the disease that Arxad feared is released. As the people of Starlight succumb to the deadly plague only three are immune - Jason, Elyssa, and Cassabrie.

Cassabrie is now within Exodus determined to save the people of Starlight but what price is she willing to pay?

Determined to infect the army from Major Four, Taushin sends a dragon to the north with an infected person. The dragon who accomplishes this deed is promised the only two uninfected humans left on Starlight: Jason and Elyssa to use however they wish.

When Diviner ends we are left wondering who will survive. Will Starlight ever be free or will history be repeated? Will Starlight have a Starlighter to show them the truth or will Taushin make Starlight as blind as its new Black King?

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Reckless (Reckless, #1)Reckless by Cornelia Funke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


By Cornelia Funke

''For Jacob Reckless, every second counts….''

This intro into the book is so true. Jacob's father has disappeared, no one knows where. His mother is always sad. His younger brother Will is often frightened. But Jacob has found a secret world, a world that can be entered through a mirror in his father's study – a room forbidden to him by his mother.

Twelve years have passed since Jacob first discovered the strange two–mooned world through the mirror and Jacob is now running out of time. Will is under the curse of the Dark Fairy and is being transformed into a Jade Goyl!

With the help of his friend Fox (a young girl who can change into a fox!) and Clara, Will's girlfriend they hope to stop Will's transformation and return him to his human form. But Will is being hunted by the Goyl army. He is the first Jade Goyl ever and seems to be the fulfillment of a long ago foretold Goyl savior.

But as each attempt to cure Will fails, Jacob is left with one choice. He must seek out the Red Fairy and hope that she will undo the magic of her hated sister.

This review is from an Advanced Reader Copy of Sample Chapters provided by the Publisher for review purposes. This review is not of the entire book, but what the Publisher provided has whet my curiosity and I am eagerly awaiting the full published copy.

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